Welcome to NCALNE (Voc) Training for 2011 with ALEC

We've got an exciting year of training planned and we're looking forward to working with you if your organsation has signed up for the NCALNE (Voc) with ALEC. Last year we were very fortunate to work with a diverse range of people and providers from the National Centre for Literacy and Numeracy for Adults at the University of Waikato to various Wananga to government departments, companies and private training establishments. This year we expect to see more of the same as well as some interesting new contracts. Watch this spaces for more information...

Official Name Change to the Qualification

As some of you may have noticed the NZQA have officially updated the name of the qualification. What used to be the NCALE is now the NCALNE. The extra N stands of course for Numeracy which is now officially recognised in the qualification title. This is also reflected in the revised unit standard 21204 (version 3) which we have be working with since last year when it was released on to the national curriculum framework.