NCALNE (Voc) FastTrack

Do you embed literacy and numeracy into your training?

If you already embed literacy and numeracy into your training or know how to do this we can offer a faster way through the NCALNE (Voc) qualification. If you think you can put together a portfolio of evidence for all or most aspects of the NCALNE (Voc), our FastTrack programme might be the one for you. Here's what you need to know about our FastTrack programme:

  • It's self-paced and evidence based.
  • It's for educators, tutors, and trainers who can already demonstrate that they have what it takes to meet all or most of the qualification outcomes.
  • We use recognition of current competency (RCC) and recognition of prior learning (RPL) where appropriate.
  • Your existing portfolio of evidence including work that you've already done in your current work or previously.
  • Professional korero/conversation assessment as necessary.
  • Verifier attestation where appropriate or possible.
  • Practical project-based tasks to fill in any gaps in your knowledge, skills, or evidence.

Watch the short video below for more information from ALEC Director, Graeme Smith.