New Level 6 Accreditation for Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (ALNE)

Alec's latest NZQA accreditation results are now in place

We are very pleased to announce that we now have accreditation for the entire domain of Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (ALNE). This new domain is replacing the older Adult Literacy Education (ALE) which is now lapsing.

The end of ALE

While the acronymn for the new domain isn't quite as funny sounding, it is definitely very cool to see that the new domain recognises the place of numeracy. There aren't any unit standards loaded against the new domain just yet, but most of you who are interested will have seen the consultation documents for the new US21204 and other units that have been updated.

The new revised US21204

We are really happy with the revisions to unit standard 21204. The shift from eight to seven elements is a vast improvement and there is an increased level of coherence across all the elements and performance criteria (PCs) which should make it easier to assess. This should also provide more flexibility when it comes to adapting NCALE delivery to the different and highly specific training environments that we encounter.

Maori LN or LN for Maori?

We're still reserving judgement on the content of Element 2 in US21204 relating to Maori literacy and numeracy. While we're not in a position to speak with authority here ourselves, the feeling from some we groups we work with is that this content may need further work. With the release of TEC's Know the Learner DVD which looks in particular at Maori learners, it would be great to see some convergence of views and opinions here. For example, the Poutama model would be a useful inclusion as would the Whare Tapawha modle (which has been dropped).

NCALE as currency

With knowledge in the sector continuing to grow and mature, it seems that future NCALE provision and assessment against the new units in this new domain needs to be more flexible than it has... with a greater emphasis on at least two possible areas. One is how to better wrap NCALE training and particularly US21204 around very specific contexts. The other is how to use the standards to recognise developing Maori expertise in literacy and numeracy around the country.